womens-healthMy name is Katie Esling and I’m a raw food junkie! Don’t call me a radical until you’ve heard my story and get ready to do a 180 in your food thinking. I’m thirty years old and I have the body of a very healthy eighteen year old. I’m happily married to a great man named Steve and he has given me three wonderful kids. Aaron is eight, Noah is six, and Rebecca is six months, so I’m always busy! I’m also a Kindergarten teacher, so I need energy. That’s what I have on a raw food diet. My hobbies are yoga, ballet, and football (I do have two boys after all). My life is filled with activity, but it wasn’t always this way.

I might have the body of an eighteen year old now, but when I was eighteen I was very ill. I weighed 300 pounds and I had trouble walking, much less living. I was suffering from depression so I ate and then was depressed by my weight so I ate some more to drown that out. Things spiraled out of control until I had a mild heart attack the day before my high school graduation, which I didn’t get to attend. I had to change or die.

I didn’t want to die, so I chose to explore ways to have better health. I began to walk, even though at first it was just five minutes around the house. I knew, however, I had to find a better diet for my body. I finally settled on the raw food diet because of what it did for my health. A raw food diet is mostly uncooked veggies and fruits, seeds and nuts, and some grains. This eating plan gives the body lots of nutrients and the nutrients clean the blood and cells. Cleaner cells with cooked food toxins gone are healthier, younger cells. It also leads to more bowel movements which means a cleaner body as well.

So, why did I build the site? I want to help people reach a level of health where they feel great. On the raw food diet, your body becomes young and healthy and your energy level rises. I want to explain how to do this so everyone can live life to the fullest. I feel as if I’m living so well I’m living two lives to everyone else’s one. Join me, the best of life is yet to be!